The conference


We aim to bring together various disciplines who are directly and indirectly contributing to the public health.  The broad umbrella of “Multi-disciplinary Approach” should help to strategize and address the emerging public health issues in the Country.




Pre Conference Workshop

Thursday 20th February 2014



21-23 February, 2014


The venue


SRM University Campus, Kattankulathur, Near Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



We are sorry that the online registration for this event is closed, If you would like to register onsite Spot Registration is avaliable.



“Multi-disciplinary Approaches in Public Health:  Innovations, Practices and Future Strategies”




Public Health Policy,

Public  Health  Education,

Pharmacovigilance in Public Health,

AYUSH and Public Health, Community Health,

Public Health Nursing, Public Health Engineering,

Health Analytics, Public Health Ethics and Legalities,

Veterinary Public Health, Occupational and Industrial Health,

Public Health Promotion and Behaviour Change Communication,

Migration Refugees and Urban Public Health, Public Health Nutrition,

Hospitality Industry and Public Health, Economics of Public Health,

Reproductive  and  Child Health  Management in  Public  Health,

Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Equity Issues in Public Health,

 Environmental Public Health,   Public Health Research ,

CSR in Public Health, Role of NGOs in Public Health,

Medical Public Health, Public Health Dentistry,

Information Technology and Public Health

Disaster and Public Health

Welcome Delgates ,Welcome to Chennai, welcome to the conference.

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Pre-Conference Workshop (20/02/2014 - Thursday)

Venue - School Of Public Health, 3rd Floor Medical College Building,SRMU

Spot Registration starts from 8.30 am onwards



Global Public Health Conference


“Multi-disciplinary Approaches in Public Health:  Innovations, Practices and Future Strategies”

Pre Conference Workshop -Thursday 20th February 2014 ;Conference - 21-23 February, 2014

      Organized by :    School of Public Health ,SRM University  

Supported by

Distinguished Members of Public Health Associations of India